Democratic Farmer Labor Candidate for
Minnesota House of Representatives 9A
Together we can:
Build a Better Minnesota

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A little about ALEX HERING

I've lived in Minnesota all my life, and I've traveled enough to know how good life is in Minnesota.  (click on the Logo)
There are a lot of reasons to be frustrated by how the majority of politicians claim to know what is best for Minnesotans, and when you look at how they vote, it only helps special interests, corporations and big money.  People are the reason we need to vote this fall, and Minnesotans are who I will represent.



There will be a lot of events to meet with you this summer and fall in Southern Cass, Todd and Wadena Counties, Parades and Festivals will show up first.   (click the Fireworks)
Let me know if you would like to walk with us in parades. Contact me if you would like to host a House Party, doorknock, foster a yardsign or volunteer.


What ISSUES are important to you?

Healthcare, Education and Housing should all be affordable in Minnesota.  Upgrading our Infrastructure and Protecting Clean Water are important to our future also.  (click the Water Lily)
    Answers to some questions:
I am a gun owner, and support universal background checks.
I believe in the separation of church and state, and I will protect the freedom of religion, all religions.
I love life, I will not control your choices, let me choose mine.


Help FUEL this Campaign

Running a grassroots campaign with yardsigns, literature and events depends on campaign donations to reach election day.  The Political Contribution Rebate (PCR) allows Minnesotan voters to contribute up to $50/individual or $100/couple to a candidate each year and receive up to $50/individual or $100/couple back as a rebate from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  (click the Wave!!!!)
or mail a check made out to:  Alex Hering MN House 9A
to the address below, either way I'll mail you the forms.


Alex Hering MN House 9A               
12355 Lower Sylvan Road SW
Pillager, MN  56473

(218) 270-0509                    

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