Prevent Environmental Contamination

My first job, the conned-friend thing when I was going to tech school, was as an Environmental Consulting Drafter. I worked for an environmental consulting firm in Minneapolis that did environmental studies all across the state, all across the country. The things that we looked at were cleaning up nuclear waste sites, we looked at the mass burner plant in Downtown Minneapolis and the effect of the air plume leaving that, and how it affected the community. We looked at cleaning up after businesses that just made a mess.

My understanding of how important it is to prevent contamination in the first place from our natural resources has been in my head for a long time. That’s really what I’ve looked at through my construction company, my business: how do we prevent a waste of our resources through energy loss, and how to build sustainable homes and things like that.

I believe my experience throughout my life prepares me to protect our natural resources in Saint Paul.

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