House 9A Candidates Poston and Hering Square-off in Debate

Video transcript:

The midterm elections are just over a month away, and tonight Lakeland PBS continued its long tradition of providing you a look at your state legislative candidates facing off head-to-head in debates. Our event tonight was hosted in our Brainerd studio, where Republican State Representative John Poston squared-off with DFL candidate, Alex Hering.

One of the many topics discussed was the issue of healthcare, and how it should be handled in the future.

Republican John Poston: Free-Market Healthcare Solution

The goal right now in the Republican Party is to get our healthcare back to where it was about ten years ago. When we had probably one of the best – we have some of the best health care in the country, but we also have some of the best healthcare insurance in the country. I think it’s going to be a free-market solution because I think that’s the only affordable solution.

John Poston
Republican | Incumbant District 9A Minnesota House Representative

DFL Alex Hering: Single-Payer Healthcare System

I support a single-payer system, not just because it’s not sucking out the taxpayers. There’s always going to be healthcare provided by taxpayers. The premiums the residents will pay, just like you pay premiums now, will actually go farther for further benefits, and being able to expand those benefits not just because we say we can, but we’re actually creating a larger pool of insured people.

Alex Hering
Democratic Farmer Labor Party | District 9A Minnesota House Representative Candidate

Our debates will resume again tomorrow night at 7 pm right here on Lakeland PBS.

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