District 9A Democratic Farmer Labor Party Candidate.
I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life, and I’ve traveled enough to know how good life is in Minnesota. There are a lot of reasons to be frustrated by how the majority of politicians claim to know what is best for Minnesotans, and when you look at how they vote, it only helps special interests, corporations, and big money. People are the reason we need to vote this fall, and Minnesotans are who I will represent.

Alex Hering for Minnesota State Representative on Wadena Radio

I’m running to represent House District 9A, because many of us see our neighbors struggle with the affordability of healthcare, education, and housing. How we find solutions and invest in the future of our community depends on the voice we have in the Minnesota legislature. Access to healthcare, technical training, livable wages, and daycare can help families with the challenges of secure employment and housing. For our local quality of life now, and into retirement. I’m Alex, please vote for me.

House 9A Candidates Poston and Hering Square-off in Debate

Lakeland PBS continued its long tradition of providing you a look at your state legislative candidates facing off head-to-head in debates. Republican State Representative John Poston squared-off with DFL candidate, Alex Hering. One of the many topics discussed was the issue of healthcare, and how it should be handled in the future.

Single-Payer Healthcare

I support a single-payer system, not just because it’s not sucking out the taxpayers. There’s always going to be healthcare provided by taxpayers. The premiums the residents will pay, just like you pay premiums now, will actually go farther for further benefits, and being able to expand those benefits not just because we say we can, but we’re actually creating a larger pool of insured people.

A few words about me

There has been laughter and struggles, just like everyone else, I’d like to know there will be more laughter.

Congratulations! Alex Hering, DFL-endorsed candidate in 9A!

District 9A includes Southern Cass County, along with a large part of Todd and Wadena Counties. I look forward to meeting as many Minnesotans as I can at events, parades and from knocking on doors this summer.